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water leak detection service

Water Leak Detection Service

At Hear It Is, we can hear your water leak! We offer our water leak detection services to the suburbs of Melbourne and all country areas. We are happy to travel to your property to get you out of trouble. Our wide range of skills enables us to understand your plumbing systems which gives our team the edge to locate your water leak.

At Hear It Is,  We are the experts in providing acoustic water leak detection services and are well trained in the use of the latest leak detection equipment.  Using the latest technology, we can quickly locate a leak without further damaging your property or adding any undue disruption to your life.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new or older property, residential or commercial – anyone can have problems due to water leakages.  Most of the time water pipes can be leaking with no water appearing at the surface.

If you suspect a leak, call Hear It Is today! 0422 309 850


Locating Underground Services

Locating your pipe work and utilities is a must to perform accurate leak detection. Our high tech EMF locators can tell our operator where the pipe is and how deep within the surface it is. This is the fastest way to make sure we are listening to the pipeline and not wasting valuable time or money by guessing.

Locating your underground services is also a must if any excavation is to be done. Be safe and not sorry.


Thermal Imaging

We also specialize in detecting water damage using Thermal Imaging.  This can be from hot water leaks, leaking showers and hydronic heating systems. We can also pick up on hidden problems such as faults in slab heating systems, missing insulation in ceilings or walls, air leaks around windows and many more!

We pride ourselves on our customer service and professional workmanship; we will arrive on time and leave your property clean and tidy.

For fast detection of your hidden water leaks call Hear It Is today on 0422 309 8550.


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