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Acoustic Water Leak Detection


At Hear It Is, we are ready to find your water leak and get you out of trouble as fast as possible. Our process of acoustic water leak detection is swift and efficient. We use various types of sensitive listening equipment to hear minute vibrations coming from damaged plumbing to determine the exact location of the water leak.

The acoustic equipment is extremely powerful and can listen through surfaces such as;

  • Concrete, Bitumen, Paving, Bricks, Soil, Gravel, Tiles and Plaster.

It doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing you have in your property;

  • Copper, Steel, Poly, and many various forms of plastic pipes.

Our acoustic water leak detection equipment can handle all situations.

So whether you have a cracked pipe, split pipe or a pin hole causing a water leak, let us say “Hear It Is” !

Sometimes you can hear a water leak inside your property but the location of the leak can be far from the noise or even outside. This is why we have various types of specialised acoustic microphones for different applications:

  • Ground or Geo – Has a large “foot” area which is a great tool for flat areas such as driveways, paths and roads. It also has a shield over the sensor which reduces wind and outside noises.
  • Hand probe – Hand held probe with the same high performance sensor as the ground microphone. It allows for direct listening to fittings or hard to access areas.
  • Tripod foot – This is a versatile attachment for the hand probe and is used for listening to uneven ground and on walls or floors.
  • Listening rods – Extendable rods attach to the sensor for listening in soft ground, grassed areas and deep access areas.


Signs of a Water Leak

  • A high water bill or a dramatic increase in your water bill
  • Your water meter is constantly running
  • Hissing or dripping sounds
  • Wet or damp patches in your garden, lawns or graveled areas
  • White salty looking areas on concrete, paving and brick walls (Efflorescence)
  • Water or moisture slowly coming to the surface
  • Your hot water system continually running to keep up
  • Mould or mildew forming
  • If you have a water pump and it continually turns on
  • Water marks on ceilings, floors or walls. Includes; staining, swelling, peeling, blistering or rotting



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