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Correlator Leak Detection


Correlators are an effective way to locate leaks in large plumbing systems, including long poly pipe lines, fire services, commercial and industrial applications. Our equipment enables the operator to enter the pipes’ material, diameter and length. Sensitive accelerometers are placed directly onto the pipe at either side of the suspected leak.
Noise created by the leak travels at a constant velocity. This allows the leak position to be calculated by the correlator. Noise filters and adjusting the frequency range can be used to aid in locating the leak. Once the correlator gives you a position of the leak a ground microphone is used to confirm and pin point the exact position.

Some factors that hinder acoustic inspection are wind, rain, traffic, aircraft and industrial noise.
We do our best to overcome these factors by using high quality equipment, filters and wind shields.
Sometimes these factors can override a water leak noise. Performing inspections in quieter times such as; early mornings / evenings / weekend’s maybe recommended in various circumstances.


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