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Water leak detection Bundoora

Water leak detection Bundoora

In need of a service with the experience, equipment and expertise to offer leading water leak detection? Bundoora’s trusted provider is Hear It Is. Using specialised acoustic equipment, we can hear where any problem in your pipe systems may be hiding, allowing you to move ahead with efficient and targeted repairs. Don’t go digging to find the problem – find the problem first. If you’re interested in organising an inspection, call now on 0422 309 850.

Offering High Tech Leak Detection To Bundoora Homes, Businesses & Other Properties

On top of our expert services in water leak detection, Bundoora can also count on Hear It Is for precise pipe and cable locating. Using a combination of digital and electromagnetic field locating (EMF) equipment, we can develop an accurate map of where any telephone lines, power cables or plumbing pipes run with approximate depths. If you’re an industrial, civil, domestic or commercial building service, avoid hitting any existing services and paying the costs – call Hear It Is today on 0422 309 850!


  • Did you get a high water bill.
  • Check your water meter.
  • Can you hear dripping or hissing.
  • Do you have wet or damp patches.
  • Do you have unexplained mould growth.
  • Does your tank pump continually turn on.