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leak detection Deer Park

leak detection Deer Park

Need reliable, accurate water leak detection in Deer Park? Hear It Is provides a range of acoustic and digital locating services to give you a clear idea of what’s happening in your plumbing. If your water bills are higher than expected, or you’re concerned about costly damages occurring, call us today on 0422 309 850 to book a professional acoustic inspection.

The Leading Name In Leak Detection, Deer Park’s Trusted Service Is Hear It Is

Knowing where your pipes and leaks are could save you a whole heap of money. If you’re planning on excavating your garden or property for renovation or construction, knowing where to dig so you don’t hit a mainline or water pipe is vital. With our pipe and leak detection, Deer Park customers can make smart and informed decisions about their property. Call Hear It Is 0422 309 850 to book a professional inspection.


  • Did you get a high water bill.
  • Check your water meter.
  • Can you hear dripping or hissing.
  • Do you have wet or damp patches.
  • Do you have unexplained mould growth.
  • Does your tank pump continually turn on.