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Leak Detection Eltham

Leak Detection Eltham
Are you looking for leak detection professionals in Eltham? Look no further because Hear It Is offers professional and reliable leak detection services in Eltham. We use sensitive acoustic listening equipment for leak detection resolving water leak problems in all types of plumbing systems. The benefits of using such technologically advanced equipment are its accuracy and reliability.

Many factors affect the ability of sound to travel up to the surface so we can identify the water leak position. There are a number of variants we have to factor in to hear the water leak, such as:

Type of pipe fault: Weather the pipe is split, crushed, pin holed to fully separated section. They all make different types of leak sounds.

Pipe Type: The type of pipe plays an important role in delivering the sound. Whereas plastic pipes can stifle the leak sounds, copper and steel pipes are usually louder.

Surface: Weather its concrete, bitumen, rocky or sandy soil, paving, tiled or plaster.

Depth: The deeper the pipes are underneath the surface, the more difficult it is to hear the exact spot where the water is leaking from.

We at Hear It Is are prepared to face any kind of challenge thrown in our way in the line of leak detection in Eltham. We also have an acoustic correlator to inspect long plumbing sections such as poly lines on rural properties. This technical machine can listen to the pipe line and help pin point a water leak position.

When there are so many factors involved, you would want to trust only a specialist for the job. Hear It Is, your water leak detection specialist in Eltham offering our clients the very best in leak detection. To understand how we can help you, give us a call at Hear It Is today!


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  • Can you hear dripping or hissing.
  • Do you have wet or damp patches.
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