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leak detection Kyneton

leak detection Kyneton

When it comes to advanced leak detection, Kyneton’s leading provider is – Hear It Is -. We can help you save money on your water bills. Leaking pipes can be a drain on your system, and can add up to thousands of dollars in costs over the years. For accurate leak detection so you know exactly where to repair call -Hear it is – 0422 309 850 to book a specialist inspection.

Need Profession Leak Detection In Kyneton & Surrounding Suburbs? Hear It Is Leads The Market In Excellence

Are you planning on doing any construction or excavation work? Finding out the exact locations of below ground services like phone cables and power lines could save you loads and can save lives – avoid accidentally hitting or damaging any existing systems with the information – Hear It Is – can provide. Equipped with cutting-edge digital and electromagnetic field (EMF) locating tools, Hear It Is provides professional locating services. Call today on 0422 309 850


  • Did you get a high water bill.
  • Check your water meter.
  • Can you hear dripping or hissing.
  • Do you have wet or damp patches.
  • Do you have unexplained mould growth.
  • Does your tank pump continually turn on.