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leak detection Northcote

leak detection Northcote
Hear It Is, is serving Melbourne suburbs, including Northcote, with its expert leak detection services. We are in the business of providing efficient and reliable leak detection to our Melbourne clients located in various suburbs including Northcote. Hear It Is can help you by detecting any water leak present. Once the exact spot of water leak is detected, it can be repaired to ensure that your property does not suffer from any further damage.

Signs of Water Leaks

Water leaks are not always obvious. Here are a few signs that there could be a hidden water leak somewhere in your property:

Unexplained wet patches in your garden or lawn

High water bills. Your water meter is turning over when you are not using any water

Hissing or running water noises

Discoloured concrete

White chalky residue on concrete, bricks or paving

Fungal growth, mould or mildew inside your property

As soon as you see or hear any of the above mentioned signs, do not panic. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call at Hear It Is, your local leak detection experts in Northcote!

It doesn’t matter whether your leaking pipes are located under concrete, in the garden or under tiled flooring. Using our specialised acoustic equipment, we can listen through any kind of surface and effectively detect your water leak.

For more details, feel free to give us a call at Hear It Is today!


  • Did you get a high water bill.
  • Check your water meter.
  • Can you hear dripping or hissing.
  • Do you have wet or damp patches.
  • Do you have unexplained mould growth.
  • Does your tank pump continually turn on.