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leak detection Thomastown

leak detection Thomastown

Hear It Is – North Melbourne’s trusted name in below-ground pipe and leak detection. Thomastown and surrounding suburbs fall within our local service area – if you want an expert to non-invasively inspect your underground plumbing, call now on 0422 309 850. Undetected leaks can be a huge drain on your water bills, and can even result in wider damage to the rest of the property. With advanced acoustic technology, Hear It Is can hear where the exact location of your leak is, so you can tackle the problem efficiently and affordably.

When It Comes To Smart Leak Detection, Thomastown’s First-Rate Service Is Us!

But Hear It Is provides much more than acoustic leak detection. Thomastown customers can count on our cutting-edge digital and electromagnetic field (EMF) locating tools to map out where services and systems run under your property. Planning on excavating, building or renovating? Avoid the hassle and cost of accidentally damaging gas lines, telephone cables or plumbing pipes with Hear It Is – ideal for industrial, commercial, civil and domestic projects alike. Call us today 0422 309 850 to find out more.


  • Did you get a high water bill.
  • Check your water meter.
  • Can you hear dripping or hissing.
  • Do you have wet or damp patches.
  • Do you have unexplained mould growth.
  • Does your tank pump continually turn on.