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Locating Pipelines and Utilities


Locating water pipes on your property is a must to find a water leak. Our EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) locators are an invaluable tool to have. Our highly skilled operators will accurately mark out your pipe work.

We are also able to locate buried utilities such as; water, gas, electrical cables, phone lines and fire services. Locating helps control costs by minimizing blow outs in your budget, it increases the efficiency of work with no wasted down time and greatly increases site safety for all involved.

Before any form of excavation begins or repairing a water leak, Hear It Is can locate and determine the depth of all utilities on your property. Don’t take the chance of risking damage to your underground services which can lead to costly repairs or at worst, electrocution.

The pipe locating equipment is highly sensitive and versatile and is very accurate giving depths. We can even locate pipes metallic or copper pipes on your property. We can also use electronic transmitting equipment that sends a signal along a trace wire to be able to find the exact line and depth of plastic / poly pipes. This takes a little more time than locating metallic or copper pipes, but is a great aid in accurately locating water leaks.

Using Dial B4U Dig is a free service and an absolute must if you are about to undertake any major excavation work.




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