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Thermal Imaging – Infrared Leak Detection


Thermal imaging cameras read the surface temperatures of the investigated area. Our cameras are able to record video of the investigation or take photos of any faults. These thermal images can be used for insurance reports or for contractors to perform repairs. Thermal cameras are great to inspection tools that can see what is happening behind the scene, even when there is no physical evidence of water damage.
It is ideal for hot water leaks, leaking showers, leaks in hydronic heating systems, leaks in slab heating systems, missing insulation in ceilings or walls, air leaks around windows and doors just to name a few. Thermal imaging is non-invasive and it allows us to follow the affected areas to locate the point of origin. Serious internal water damage as well as mould can be the result of these leaks.
If you feel like there’s a problem with your pipes, get your property thermally inspected before it’s too late!


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