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Hear It Is, Macedon Ranges Plumbing, Water & Gas Leak Detection



Our process of leak detection is swift and efficient as we use modern acoustic listening equipment to hear minute vibrations in your plumbing. This lets us know the exact location of the water leak regardless of how hidden it is. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing you have in your property, our equipment can handle it.

So whether you have a cracked pipe, split pipe or a hole in your water pipe. Hear It Is can find it. 

We will accurately locate your pipes to understand your plumbing. It won’t take us long to detect your water leak. Therefore, we are in and out of your property in the shortest time possible.

Hear It Is, Macedon Ranges Plumbing, Water & Gas Leak Detection

 Our process of acoustic water leak detection is swift and efficient. We use various types of sensitive listening equipment to hear minute vibrations coming from damaged plumbing to determine the exact location of the water leak.

The acoustic equipment is extremely powerful and can listen through surfaces such as;

  • Concrete, Bitumen, Paving, Bricks, Soil, Gravel, Tiles and Plaster.

It doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing you have in your property;

  • Copper, Steel, Poly, and many various forms of plastic pipes.​

Sometimes you can hear a water leak inside your property but the location of the leak can be far from the noise or even outside. This is why we have various types of specialised acoustic microphones for different applications:

  • Ground or Geo – Has a large “foot” area which is a great tool for flat areas such as driveways, paths and roads. It also has a shield over the sensor which reduces wind and outside noises.

  • Hand probe – Handheld probe with the same high-performance sensor as the ground microphone. It allows for direct listening to fittings or hard to access areas.

  • Tripod foot – This is a versatile attachment for the hand probe and is used for listening to uneven ground and on walls or floors.

  • Listening rods – Extendable rods attach to the sensor for listening in soft ground, grassed areas and deep access areas.

We can also use thermal imaging to aid in locating leaks.

Our experienced team and modern water leak detection equipment can handle all situations.


Locating your pipework and utilities is a must to perform accurate leak detection. Our high tech EMF locators can tell our operator where the pipe is and how deep within the surface it is.


This is the fastest way to make sure we are listening to the pipeline and not wasting valuable time or money by guessing.

Locating your underground services is also a must if any excavation is to be done.


We are able to locate buried utilities such as;

  • water

  • gas

  • electrical cables

  • phone lines

  • ire services

Locating these help control costs by minimizing blowouts in your budget, it increases the efficiency of work with no wasted downtime and greatly increases site safety for all involved.

Before any form of excavation begins or repairing a water leak, Hear It Is can locate and determine the depth of all utilities on your property.

Don’t take the chance of risking damage to your underground services which can lead to costly repairs or at worst, electrocution. The pipe locating equipment is highly sensitive and versatile and is very accurate giving depths. We can even locate copper pipes in your property. We can also use electronic transmitting equipment that sends a signal along a trace wire to be able to find the exact line and depth of plastic/poly pipes. This takes a little more time than locating metallic or copper pipes but is a great aid in accurately locating water leaks.

Hear It Is, Macedon Ranges Plumbing, Water & Gas Leak Detection
Hear It Is, Macedon Ranges Plumbing, Water & Gas Leak Detection

We also specialize in CCTV Drain Inspections.

We can look at sewer and stormwater pipes to find tree roots, blockages, broken pipes and other issues.

We can locate the camera head "The Sonde" telling us the exact location and depth of any leaks, or damages,

  • A high water bill or a dramatic increase in your water bill

  • Your water meter is constantly running

  • Hissing or dripping sounds

  • Wet or damp patches in your garden, lawns or gravelled areas

  • White salty-looking areas on concrete, paving and brick walls (Efflorescence)

  • Water or moisture slowly coming to the surface

  • Your hot water system continually running to keep up

  • Mould or mildew forming

  • If you have a water pump and it continually turns on

  • Water marks on ceilings, floors or walls. Includes; staining, swelling, peeling, blistering or rotting

Hear It Is, Macedon Ranges Plumbing, Water & Gas Leak Detection
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